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The Virtualized Solution

Archous Networks specializes in designing low-footprint, virtualized, and redundant network solutions. We understand our customer's needs when it comes to reducing hardware costs while preserving valuable rack space but we also understand the importance of being versatile and robust to support critical infrastructure services such as DNS, NTP, DHCP, RADIUS, etc.

The topology to the right is a simple N+1 example network where we leverage a pair of physical Network Appliances that are capable of running virtualized vRouters for performing network routing functions as well as hosting vDNS, vNTP, and vDHCP, infrastructure services running on virtual machines. This type of solution scales anywhere from 1G to 10G and even to 100G deployment sizes.

Customer or end-user connectivity can then be single-homed or multi-homed via pairs of Physical Network Switches which act as raw ethernet port aggregation. Scaling with this solution is simple -- simply add more ethernet switches as your port demand grows and the rest is virtualized!

Physical Topologies

Physical topologies are still necessary components to your network. We can either troubleshoot, optimize, or expand an existing network with your preferred networking hardware vendor or make a recommendation using a vendor of choice that meets your needs.

In either case Archous Networks takes a methodology that ensures networks are built using logical constructs such as secure isolation of functions and utilizing building blocks to ensure the network scales while remaining resilient.

Archous Networks has the experience to build networks leveraging common brands such as Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Dell, Adtran, MikroTik or we can build custom networking with "whitebox" hardware such as Edge-Core or UfiSpace. We build the right solution depending on the customer's budgetary, skillset, and operational needs.

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