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Monitoring Based Automation

Does your business need to be able to observe a condition and then take an action? Perhaps you want to send a text, email, or make a system or network change? With monitoring based automation,  Archous Networks can set your systems up to be observed 24/7 and define business logic criteria that when met will trigger a network or systems change.

Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS, and Billing System Integrations

If your business has a use case for integrating network authorization, access, or accounting (AAA) with a billing or customer management platform then we can help. Archous Networks specializes in building custom bridges between APIs and databases to ensure your billing and accounting are closely integrated with network access.

Archous Network's IP Provisioner plugin for UISP CRM systems.  This plugin integrates native BNG functions to UISP CRM billing services allowing you to support 3rd party device provisioning and network authorization in a central pane of glass.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Does your company deploy network hardware? Are you finding that your engineers are spending their time on repetitive provisioning tasks? Have you ever been bit by a mistake in a configuration due to human error? Archous Networks can save you and your engineers time and mistakes by automating your provisioning to a zero touch solution. We can build templates and configuration tooling needed to automate the day to day tasks and give back those critical engineering hours.

Vendor Inter-Op

Is your company transitioning network system vendors? Maybe you would like to entertain mixing vendors for a cost savings? Archous Networks has years of experience working with cross-platform and cross-vendor solutions. We can provide guidance and input in to what types of solutions do and don't work well together and take things further by providing end to end integration services.

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