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As dependency on 24/7 available networks grows, having a solid anti-DDoS solution is critical in any network deployment. Archous Networks provides a turnkey , managed, anti-DDoS solution that is custom built around your business' needs. Some of our anti-DDoS features are called out below.

Our anti-DDoS solution provides real-time analytics at the customer IP level. We can breakdown traffic information for each customer to provide useful information that is helpful when troubleshooting many kinds of customer traffic related problems -- not just DDoS ones.

Our solution can be built to identify the sources of attacks as well as the destinations. We provide real-time and historical visibility in to attacks at the IP level and can provide alerting based off of custom thresholds that fit your business needs. Our solution can be setup to notify operators when an attack is detected by email, text message, or ticket system.

Our solution is flexible and versatile. We can provide intelligent ways to mitigate attacks -- whether that is with the network via routing protocols or triggering custom scripts or API hooks to external systems. We support network-based solutions including BGP remote triggered blackhole (RTBH) or remote triggered scrubbing.

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